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Here I am again blogging about our new activity. So I was absent when this activity was given. 

Hmm. Okay this activity is like a facebook gallery. here it is —> ICS7 ACTIVITY

Caution: Opening the link may burn your device cause of too much hotness  =)))) ❤ HOHO

Au revoir.

Let the flips do the talking

So here’s my storybook. I titled it “Philippines’ Urban Legends” because the content of the book was about it. I find Urban legends interesting because it is a story pass generation to generation and still not confirmed if its fact or fiction. The story I posted on this story book is some of my favorites. Hope you guys like it.



Good Evening.
At last I am done with the Parallax Website. First, I’m not really a fan of Paramore I’m just having an LSS(Last Song Syndrome) at their song — Still Into You. I don’t know why I just want to listen to that song everytime .Harny-har-har. Anyways ,We are asked to add 2 more pages/ slides and navigation(if we can) on our desired design . I really had fun doing this activity(no joke). Its like customizing my own website even though we only grabbed a design in this site –>

Creating parallax website is I think a very difficult task. So I personally had a hard time in completing the activity. Its really a good thing that we can easily approach our professor if we’re having some trouble in customizing the page since we’re a bit of a newbie in HTML.

Uhm. that’s all for this topic. Ciao
WAITT. I really want to add this. Its so hard to upload this on my domain or its just that I don’t know how to upload? Anyways, thank you to those who helped me in uploading this file on my domain. Sorry for interrupting you guys. LOVE LOVE ❤
After 12345678567 years!!! You can view my obra. LOL.

I’m so sorry can;t fix it na pero the output of page four should be like that at the third image in the collage pic.

ENJOY MUCH =))))))))))))

I even create my own Png file for the lyrics page just to do what I want on the page. blah blah blah.


Our professor asked us to choose a desired template on for our resume. After that we edit the html file and css file of the template and replace it with our resume’s information. Once we are done editing the template, we are required to upload to resume on our playground(000webhost). I had a hard-time on uploading the resume.Thank God Sir and my friends are there to help me. Thanks guys =))))))

Well, at first uploading in the domain is kinda difficult but once you already know what to do. You can do it on your own next time.